Friday, 19 August 2011

Die Letzte! by Jochen Zmeck

Handbuch der Magie (German book) by Jochen Zmeck

Page 102

Personal Comment: There is no way to do this on camera alone. But I hope you get the effect. Basically you are eliminating cards until the spectators is only left with one. The card of the spectator who picked the card. I have a hard time to tell you how strong this actually is. It's good. Really good. Try it. This slow card revelation is cool. The basic method... well everything you can think of will work.

Difficulty 1/5


  1. Attaboy!

    Keep the Jochen Zmeck stuff coming. You're doing the English-speaking world a big favour.

  2. You are doing a great job. But there one thing I can't understand: when the spectator is eliminating cards, the magician should be turned away? Because, if you can't see the cards, how can you tell to eliminate the lower card when spectator is left with 2 or 3 cards?

  3. well you made sure that all the cards higher than the selection are discarded first.