Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Simple Thimble Routine

Alright we got thimbles. That's a prop that is rarely seen today. I can see why. It seems a bit outdated and who want's to be outdated. But then again it's an unusual prop. And unusual props generate natural interest. So why not use it? So basically I start with explaining the premise of the first effect. And believe it or not it usually is not perceived as a trick right away. But as a genuine display of skill. And that is a good thing. The karate coin trick is a magic trick. Simply because it's not possible. With a thimble however it is. So naturally the interest curve peeks at the moment of the effect, creating a nice intro to the endless thimble production.

DUDE IT IS REALLY HARD TO SAY: "Fifth thimble", especially for a guy like me who's first language is German. Speaking "th" here equals speech impediment. We are trained from the very beginning not to have a lisp.

After that endless production there is the color changing sequence. It's not much of a sequence, but the change is so startling (the last one) that handing out the thimble is required at that very moment.

more later

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