Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Ugly Prop

When thinking about how to present magic you inevitably run into the "when I walked into the magic store" story. Magic stores are a great cheese fest. So much ugly stuff. So much glitter. So this is my take on it. I was interested in the "tube changes". So I worked my ass off to come up with a logical sequence of the balls changing when passed through the tube. If I succeeded is more than debatable. But I always liked the routine, as it embodies my disdain for prop magic. So not producing the feather flower would have been futile. The routine has evolved of course. And the way it is now is not comparable. No I use a wand, a coin and a ball. No more tube or table. It's constant changes of the three objects into one another. In the end the coin changes into a silk. You see, completely different. But the above routine was the starting point.

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