Saturday, 24 November 2012

Easy Coin Production

The title gives away the main aim for this. "Easy"! And it really is easy to do. The cloth really takes any hard work. So this is a great little trick for beginners in the field of coin magic. And I love it. The main idea of simply turning the cloth over and over again arose from a misunderstanding of a fried of mine who studied a rather advanced technique for producing coins with aid of a cloth. He studied an English text with very little ability to understand English and no pictures were available to him. This is what he came up with. And it is great. So credit goes to Kay Herzig for this one. The addition of jumbo coins is inevitable if you think about it. The last coin is taken from the pouch, which you need to be wearing. But any method taken from the rich field of bottle production would work as well.

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