Thursday, 14 March 2013


The blog will be put on a hiatus for a short while. The reason: I am in the process of opening up my own little magic theater. It will be a close up theater and that has taken most of my time lately. It will open in Lübeck in the beginning of April. Here is the website, so you see that I haven't been a lazy bastard. I also got a Facebook page running. It's all in German, so don't freak out!

On the plus side: Because it is a close up theater, I've been working on more close up material than ever. This doesn't matter to you now, but it will.


  1. WOW! Well I really wish you all the best, even if rhis means little posting on your wonderful blog.


  2. great news!
    I wish I could see you work live once.

  3. Good luck with the project Roland

    You have made a very generous contribution to magicians across the world with your weekly magic blog. I have found many of your videos inspiring and / or thought provoking.

  4. Congratulations and good luck.

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  6. Apologies - deleted my previous comment as it wasn't complete!

    Sorry to learn that you will not be posting for a while due to your new project.

    In my honest opinion, this blog is the greatest resource for pure, sleight of hand magic available on the net.

    The only benefit by having no new posts for a while is the fact that we can take some time re-watching former clips and enjoying them once again.

    This truly is an excellent resource for those of us within magic that are not sucked in by the latest DVD or crap gimmick. You constantly deliver the classics so well. - Kaps would have been proud of you!

    Sincere best wishes in your new project - and please get back soon! ;-)