Sunday, 28 November 2010

Preset by Jim Swain and Geoffrey Latta

Richard's Almanac by Richard Kaufman
Volume 1, Number 7, March 1983 Page 62 et seq.

Personal Comment: It takes practice to get the double buckles and the triple buckles right, but it is well worth the hard work, as it really is a nice effect. And it is quite practical too. Just get them out of the deck and go on. The effect is ungimmicked which means no extra work adding and getting rid of any gimmick. I like it.

Difficulty: 4/5


  1. Hi there, just recently I just begun following your blog and enjoying your hand-picked tricks. I like this trick very much, thus I did my research and found out that this trick is actually called "Preset" and not "Present". No offense, but only to maintain your proper references.
    Keep up this great project.

  2. you are absolutly right. Fixed it!