Monday, 20 December 2010

Ambush by Roy Walton

The Legendary Hierophant by Jon Racherbaumer
Page 181 et seq. Nov. 1970
also in:
The Complete Walton - Volume 2 (1988) page 34 1988

Personal Comment: I cannot get the third cut to work properly according to the text. Not my thing. And I honestly don't really see that much of an advantage to use odd colored backs for the collector cards. Personally I like the collectors by Jim Surprise. But I heard that there are Walton fans out there who could explain to me why odd colored backs are better.

Difficulty: 4/5


  1. Damn. I can't make out what you say "man it's a ______effect". Curiosity killed the cat.

  2. Oh shit. That may be directed at DD. I'll take the mic

    The way I've always thought of it the odd backed cards add a lot in laymen's head.

    In a nutshell it gives a subconscious feel of being totally separate. Which, we could argue is the main punch the whole thing is based on.

    The dividers are undoubtedly different. One could grasp with like colored cards there was just a switch is all. There any switching of order/division is unquestioned.

    And. It's fucking pretty! Simple as that. A touch more visual.

    Yet, Roy being the omega man he is. States directly the advantages and disadvantages here. No cards are pretending to be other cards as with same color. Yet. Ya gotta introduce and have odd backs as a negative.

    Still. I think the advantages far outweigh. Even the thing Ackerman hates has an easy fix.