Thursday, 16 December 2010

Hamman's Twist by Bro. John Hamman

The Legendary Hierophant by Jon Racherbaumer
Page 338 et seq.

Personal Comment: I used that trick for quite a while, but changed the handling a bit, so the card in the end would be a selection that was made earlier, making this whole effect a glorified revelation of a chosen card. The trick deserves a bit more credit than that I think. A nice way to get into the setup is the following: Cull the odd card to the top of the deck as you get out the four club cards. Then arrange them in order A,2,3,4 from the face and do a partial Top Change of the bottom card of the fan and the one on top of the deck, then add the former bottom card back to the bottom and you should be set. If you don't do this effect in a while you will forget the handling. It is rather complex.

Difficulty: 2/5

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