Sunday, 11 December 2011

No Dupe Transposition by Jim Abrahams

Why not start with Jim. The card tricks ended with him, the other stuff shall begin with him. It was this trick that actually got me started wearing that ring. And I have been using this for real people for quite a while now. It gets killer reactions. In fact I usually have to slow down with the second phase as people look away, looking at each other making sure they saw the same thing as everybody else.

The FT of the the coin from the left hand to the right hand actually goes completely unchallenged because people are looking the elbow to see if the ring is really there. You need quite a loose fitting ring, so you wedding ring will probably not work.

As a side note. When I ask to borrow a ring often people can't take it off. To me this is a "sanitary riddle of mystery"

What makes this routine so darn practical is that it really is an impromptu routine. Most convincing transpositions seems to need a dupe. This uses the psychological principle of the "change blindness" which is a bold method to be used in this trick and therefore typical for it's creator.

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