Thursday, 24 November 2011

Your Days Are Numbered by Jim Abrahams

The Lecture That Has Never Happened by Jim Abrahams
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Personal Comment: In the version in the book you never ask her her age. You just claim that she has cut off as many cards as she is old. Then you walk away. Doing this to a male spectator of course you ask them their age and let them count. This trick has a chance of failing, but you start your patter about the birthday and all of that AFTER you made sure the effect is going to work 100%. Otherwise you just do a different trick. In terms of method this is fairly easy. You just have to know the age and in an earlier trick you simply set up the deck by sticking the "Breather" in the right place. Just makes sure that while instructing your spectator to cut the deck to say "below, above or about the middle" depending on the age. I had fun with this little trick. It adds so much more to the "Spectator cuts off a certain number of cards".

So with that I am going to leave this project. Cards are still great and all, but I feel that I have enough for a long time now. This blog will be transferred to the new blog eventually and the url will be gone.

Difficulty: 3/5

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