Saturday, 5 November 2011

Eine alte Seemannsgeschichte by Martin Michalski

Das grosse Buch vom Zaubern by Martin Michalski (German book)

Page 92 et seq.

Personal Comment: The Martin Michalski was born in 1927 and died 2008 so I forgive him the story. But here we have a mathematical trick. Any false shuffle would make this a better trick. But somehow the bitter taste of math would still be there. It is interesting though. Here is where I see this trick being performed. By a layperson doing this to his buddies in a bar. Instead of the story any saucy premise would work well. Like getting rid of guys in order to be with 15 women or something like that. Not that I think that this is what magic should be about, yet I see nothing wrong with it, as long as not a serious performer does this.

Difficulty: Self Working

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