Friday, 30 March 2012

Rubber Band Routine

This is my personal warm up routine to get started while busking. A fat man with rubber bands doing stuff. That stops people. It starts with the commonly known Jumping Rubber Band bit. It is over exposed, but I think that I added a little point that is worth mentioning. Instead of dipping all the fingers in, I just dip in the pinkie finger and the ring finger. The result is a much more relaxed hand, as the fingers can still go into the needed position. Also by referring to the position as "bunny position" people have no trouble remembering the initial situation.

In terms of crowd building the over exposure works as an advantage. Because they know this people will stop and "explain" it. While it is not good for magic it still makes them stop. Then the phase continues by adding the "trap". So far this is a commonplace. But then I have a spectator hold on to one rubber band. And still it works. Even those who know everything will at least note the simple fact that they have not thought of this. In their mind they see themselves doing this. Wondering what else they can "steal". This is the point where they are hooked. The fact that a small percentage of people know this effect makes it great as a crowd builder.

The next phase is the rubber band through the thumb. Less people are familiar with this one. And there are several ways to go about this. You could wrap it around the thumb for real explaining that the only way to get it off would be to tear the rubber band or to slip it over the thumb which you demonstrate. Then you fake wrapping it around asking someone to hold on to the thumb. I chose to offer the version I do in the video. One is wrapped for real the other one is not. The rest is magicians choice.

The next phase is the linking rubber bands. And while there is nothing noteworthy about the method I wanna at least point out that by holding one arm up and one arm down the visibility of the phase becomes much better. ALL of the magicians I see doing this hold their arms horizontal. And that is no problem when your audiences isn't standing all around you. But on the street they do. Ergo tilting the arms does wonders. Try it.

The last phase is Star Gazer. Which is a commercial item. The problem is this: People know about those shape rubber bands. Which is a shame. But here is my work around: "Hey you guys know those shape rubber bands right? Like a dinosaur? Yes? Good! You know how they are made?"

The whole point of the routine is to show two normal rubber bands the whole time. Which is not the case, but it sure seems like I showed each rubber band to begin with.

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