Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Coins Across

Alright Coins Across. Aside from just vanishing a coin and producing it, there is hardly a coin trick that has more clarity of what is going on. Interestingly I still seen the effect butchered many many times. This version you see above is my try to create an in the hands version of the classic using a shell. I tried to get rid of the shell and had to substitute the stack of coins that is usually shown in the hand to a fan of coins. Naturally most Three Fly moves work nicely.

While technically the effect is not in the hands of the spectator, it sure feels like it. And the angles are pretty good. I tried to emulate the advantage of ending clean with the shell method by vanishing the last coin sooner than most routines would do it. I do this in a variety of ways. The above version is a simple ditch and the version below is the good old servante. Topit work also seems like a good way to go. However, most often I use my pouch. I wear that thing in real paid situations, and it allows for lapping while standing. Something that most pouch workers seem to miss.

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