Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Steamy Ring

There is a certain loveliness about dry ice. When it evaporates it goes into the realm that people think of when they think of magic. There is a problem handling it though. I found a freaking solution. A thermos bottle. Half full of that. Right before the show you take out a big piece with a pair of tweezers. And just put it on a piece of wood in your close up case. You can touch it. Briefly. The same way you can touch a hot cup of coffee. Of course people know about dry ice, so don't expect them to be all mystified. But it sure gets a great reaction. And if you use the smoke as an effect enhancer instead of an effect by itself, you will still get credit for the actual effect. Garret Thomas ' Ring Thing was the first thing I thought of. And it is alright.

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