Saturday, 15 December 2012

Balls and Beer

This came out of a session while brainstorming. The production of a liquid almost always is met with a sure fire awe of the audience. And one of the good old ways to close a open glass with a liquid used to be the rubber ball. So I've been playing around with both props for quite a while. I also have a silk and ball routine... never imagined putting both together.

In most bottle productions the bottle is loaded under a silk moments before the production. The beer can be underneath the for much longer, giving you more of the good old time misdirection. Cellini used to have a pretty sweet but ballsy wine glass vanish with the use of a cloth. It's called the T-Bar Glass Vanish and it's from "The Royal Touch" book. Reversing the process makes it a great production.

In terms of angles it is actually pretty good, if you have the beer inside a bag or something that you can drape the cloth over for a brief time. Once it is ready for production the whole routine is angle proof. Sponge balls are actually even better as you can hide them much better. If this was done for kids.... a production of cookies and milk would spring to mind immediately.

So if you need a practical production of a liquid.... there you go.

PS: if you go for a bottle instead of a glass, you can even hand everything out for examination at the end.


  1. This is very nice. I have no idea when you load the beer there.

    BTW I was at a lecture a few weeks ago and one of the dealers sold foreign magic books. So I bought Handbuch der Magie, mainly because of items you suggested from it. Even though I don't speak German at all!
    I am working through it with a dictionary at the moment.

  2. You will either have a though time or a good one. Check out the rope and the sponge ball section... really good routines there.

  3. I LOVE full liquid productions like this. This is easily one of the cleverest I've seen. Thanks for sharing.