Friday, 4 January 2013

The Five Knots in Magic

Knotology, the science of knots.... Boring. However as a filler this is a nice trick. Takes away almost no space in your bag, everything is set up and you are ready to go. It can be done on stage, close up and even in medieval busking settings.

So let's talk about the actual setup. Well a TT, the piece of silk and the rope. The TT keeps the silk in place on the rope. The setup can be moved along the rope so it won't hinder the first two knots.

The appearance of the silk on the rope is a variation of "Flash Silk on Rope" by
Doug Edwards "Apocalypse Vol.15, No.12" p. 2149.

The last phase actually makes no sense at all. But you have the TT and the piece of silk... it just feels right to do it. Also you getting rid of the piece of silk is a necessary step in order to not fill up space in your pocket. Ever tried to reach into your pocket for a prop that you need and a piece of cloth is in the way. You need to get rid of the piece of silk.

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