Saturday, 19 January 2013

Key Ring Linking

Years ago Jay Sankey released Three Ring Circus. Linking Rings with key rings. And this is a wonderfully golden idea within his pile of not so good ideas he has released over the years. So we got normal objects and you link them. Unfortunately the DVD that came with the props didn't really have a well structured routine. And mine is far from it, but I at least tried to come up with a motivated reason to get into the pocket getting the dupes. So I came up with this one handed unlink which I like and use. The angles are pretty good and it freed the other hand to do the dirty business.

It's not a huge mind blowing routine that will make you the star of the night, but it is one of those tricks that is easy to carry around in the wallet. The Bonus is something that I came up with. So you only need the key key ring and you can link two sets of keys. Trust me when I tell you that this plays big. You do some magic to their property. And just like the cellphone everyone has keys. The extra ring that appears won't even be noticed, as each spectator thinks the extra ring is from the other set of keys that belongs to the other spectator.

Getting in and out of the bonus trick is easy enough and the gimmick is so hilariously ordinary you cannot not like it.

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