Saturday, 26 January 2013


So the main idea is by Alexander de Cova. The Hunter Bow Knot was originally published as "The Magical Bow Knot" by G.W. Hunter in the first volume of the Tarbell Course in Magic on page 374. The de Cova Routine has no good solution for getting the knot in position. (as I recall) This is my solution and it is practical as hell. This routine as you see it, is part of my children's act. That is why the patter is more on the light side.

It really looks like the knot is falling off the rope in real life. The timing of the knot disappearing and appearing couldn't be better. And it's automatic, as both will happen automatically when you extend your arm.

This is also a perfect interlude in almost any rope act. It really changes thigns from the usual "ends off, ends on"-structure that curses rope magic nowadays.

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