Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sponge Splitting

We all have done the splitting of a sponge ball. But nobody lets the spectator do it. This is a way to do it and the methods used here act as a great cancel to each other. To the spectator it will be that they saw both sides of the story. They have been the ones that pull the balls apart AND the ones that split the ball. Do I have to tell you that this is great. To those wondering what exactly the spectator feels when the magicians pulls the ball apart: Feels like the real thing. The angles on this one are not bad, but this is best done as a one on one thing, as the spectator does block a whole lot of view.

This of course is not an entire routine, but a nice prelude to get to a proper routine. Also "fusing" of sponge balls is not often done.

Now let's talk about the moves involved. The initial splitting move is taken from the bible of sponge ball magic: The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic by Frank Garcia. "The Slow Motion Transposition and Impromptu Routine" on page 102 teaches the move in detail. Then some shuttle passes and the bold move of pretending to pull apart the spectator's sponge ball.

Try this, you will love it.

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