Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Gummi Bears

This has been brewing in my brain for years. And I have done this many times. This is the great impromptu trick with food. You can do it with M&M's, Smarties and all other sweets that come in different colors. And this trick actually makes sense. Everyone has a favorite kind of color. So it is kind of natural that a magician does his magic thing to turn them the color he wants to.

And because it is food the method could not be more simple. No need for secret preparation, You simply prentent to eat the one you like and suddenly you are set up. Methodwise three switches. Spellbound, Bobo and Bobo in this case. And as the last one goes in the mouth you destroy the evidence along the way. This is simply a good little trick.


  1. Great impromptu magic - sell it as a $10 download lol! Seriously though, a nice piece of situational magic.

  2. That's like a completely impromptu wild coin. I love it!