Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Day Out

The McDonald Aces. In terms of method there is nothing special to say. Just the plot is something I assure you will entertain the audience. I have done that routine for real people a few times by now and the reactions are great. Personally I would like the cards to be picture cards (The living people) but I'm short of certain gaffs. But this red and black thing is a good contrast I think.

Personally I think that any Ace Assembly needs a story in order to not become a complete borefest.


  1. Hi there!! I follow your blogs (and blogroll) for some time now; I'm from Barcelona, Spain; and I'm a (very) amateur magician:
    Just wanted to say hi and that I liked your plot a lot! Wonderful idea!

  2. I have used a story line close to this for Halloween shows. I use the ace king queen and jack with the ace being the house or the hummer or shopping mall (why is there always a mall) After I heard Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton then I had names for the players. Any other time i use the same cards but talk about a group of nobles. For the last couple of years I have changed the patter again to match the characters from Downton Abbey. I just feel that an effect has more power if there is a compelling story to go along with it.