Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Just A Cup Revisited

As I said in the video I have this weird fascination with stealing an object from the spectators hand. And I have several ideas going closer and closer to the perfect image of the spectator holding an object in his hand and it vanishes completely. This is the first one. For the full routine please see my earlier video on that trick.

Axel Hecklau gives you the main idea of the die falling into the spectators hand and that gets good reactions, but stealing it gets even better reaction, and that is also possible with the gimmick that you get with the Just A Cup routine. Pretty strong shit if you ask me. EDIT: Axel actually covers this steal on the DVD, that I should have looked at long ago.

Now in the end you see I did something different from the standard loads. First it can be done in the spectators hand. Jamming the load all the way into the up actually delays the moment that the spectators feels the load. You can actually manage it to have it happen, as your hands are far away, creating a wonderful moment. Then the next bit is loading something inside the cup when the cup is mouth up. The diamond it a perfect load. Hans the right shape and the right boom near the end. But that maybe just me.

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