Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ring and Rope #2

This routine is not final yet. It has been getting changes over the years. But I think it is a solid routine and it can be done anywhere. All the phases leading up to the part with the extra little bit are taken vom various sources. Willi Wessel, Flip, Daryl and Tabary. The phase right after the steal in which the middle visibly links with the ring is my own. The main bulk following that is almost directly taken from David Williamsons fantastic ring and rope routine. Letting the spectator hold the ring really elevates the trick for some weird reason. And taking off the ends from the rope in the context of a ring and rope routine is something that I have seen Richard Sanders doing.

The routine directly leads into my Rope Routine #1, which leads to solid 7 minutes of magic. That combination is my main opener in my theater show. I've played it so often that I lost count, but I assure you. Packs flat plays big really applies here.

Ring and Rope routines in general are not seen very often these days. I cannot tell you why, but it is a classic and a good one. Unlike the sucker die box.

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