Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Trust Card Trick

There are two things about the routine. First the premise! Second the tricks!

Let's talk about the first thing first. Trust is essential in real life. If we don't trust people we get paranoid and nothing gets done. A misuse of trust is often combined with bitter feelings and anger. And in a way a magician misuses the trust each time. Because he claims to do something and it turns out it's not at all like what he claimed. Example: A card is shown, the ten of clubs, turned over and placed face down on the table. A snap and the card is turned over again but it is the ace of diamonds. Great little trick, but you cheated. And if the people don't like you, they won't like the great little trick. Because as soon as the audience "feels" some dishonesty they tend not to like you. You lose "authenticity".

So I thought to fight this issue. Head on! By addressing it and letting the spectator mistrust me every step of the way. Is there a chance to get fucked by the audience? If they don't like you, then you will definitely fail. If they like you, you'll succeed even more!

The trick has two phases. The first one is a simple cards across. I really wish I would be able to tell you that tons of research went into this. It's not the case. I simple saw a similar trick and figured out how I would do it. The method is so darn simple and obvious, that somebody has already thought this exact version before. In the magic business is a saying... "When in doubt credit Marlo."

You can actually get away with the method, as the second packet of ten cards is only introduced after the dirty work is done. That really helps alot.

The second phase is the classic Biddle trick. I added nothing to it, except offering the specator that he can lie and fuck up my trick. Is that an addition to be proud of? I think yes!

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