Sunday, 13 February 2011

Contest #1


a card is picked
the card is torn in to four pieces
the four pieces are displayed
three of the pieces go in the spectator's hand
the remaining piece "grows" another quarter
the spectator only holds two pieces
the two pieces are displayed
the two pieces are put back into the spectator's hand
another quarter "grows" on the card held by the magician
the spectator only has one piece left
the spectator is instructed to hold on to the last piece
the magician tries to "grow" the fouth quarter but fails
the magician then vanishes the three quarter card
the spectator now holds the fully restored card

Solutions go to:
Add "basic method" and the name you want to go by!
Be sure to say if you are ok, with me mentioning your name.

The contest is open for submission until I decide to close it. The is the very first contest I do in my life, so have mery with me, if things are not as smooth.

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