Thursday, 17 February 2011

Snap Differential by Phil Goldstein

Focus by Phil Goldstein 1990
Page 10 et seq.

Personal Comment: This trick made it actually into my repertoire some years ago. I changed it a bit to fit my style. Here is how! Version #1: I ask the spectator to remove any four card form the middle of a face down spread of cards, claiming they will be the kings. Of course this doesn't happen to which I add in a slightly disappointed tone "they have cleverly disguised themselves I guess" then I proceed to show each card miscalling them as the kings. Then the magic happens and voila you got the kings fixing the error. Version #2: I spread through the face down deck out jogging four random cards claiming that this is a trick with four cards, but the best part is that none of the cards must be remembered. Then I show each card naming the value, always adding "don't even think about remembering this one" which has the reverse effect. "The reason I don't want you to remember the cards is that those are not the cards I just showed you. Those are the four kings." The change is made exactly when I say kings. Both version only require that the kings are secretly on top of the deck. I highly recommend this trick by Phil Goldstein. Very, very, very cool and practical, especially if you get rid of the X-card by just droping it on the face down deck which should be in front of you, adding clean to the list.

Difficulty 3/5

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