Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Exitwist by Phil Goldstein

Focus by Phil Goldstein 1990
Page 74 et seq.

Personal Comment: Fun trick usually done with the four jokers, but as you can see, it works with all sorts of cards. If you can do an Elmsley count the routine is easy. Little to remember and clear effect. I read it in the book and it took me 5 minutes to "know" the routine. Compared to those multiphased odd backed oil and water routines this is a piece of cake. I called the effect Extra twist in the video which is wrong. It's Exitwist. Obviously the name is harder to remember than the routine. You can produce the missing canrd from anywhere, as suggested in the book, and doing that you'll add a fullfilling climax. Highly recommended.

Difficulty 2/5

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