Monday, 21 March 2011

Up and Down Mixtant by Phil Goldstein

Focus by Phil Goldstein 1990
Page 58 et seq.

Personal Comment: This could be a decent addition to yesterdays effect entitled Mixtant. I sort of like it it, although I don't see myself performing this. I just don't like oil and water effects. Naturally I don't like the reversed effect either. Whatever... I am sure there are quite a few magicians out there loving this stuff.

Difficulty 2/5


  1. Check out Ibidem issue 18.

    Dead Marlo gives 5 methods of alternating the colors. Also there is one in Issue 8. I think Max read those the night he came up with this. But who knows. I'm no mind reader.

  2. Might actually be. Gotta ask Max.... As for Ibidem. Don't own it!