Thursday, 31 March 2011

Looking Back at Focus

The last few month I have been faced with packet tricks. I didn't do all the tricks in the book. Here are the once I left out. All tricks involving gimmicked cards. Be it double backers or double facers. Not that I do not approve of the use of gimmicked cards, but one of the goals of this blog is to showcase the vast possibilities and creativity without resorting to gimmicks.

I also left out four other tricks. One is called "Vicinity", which I didn't include because I cannot do it properly. It involves doing a "milk shuffle" that I have a really hard time doing. I felt that I couldn't do the effect justice, so I left it out. The second effect I left out is Phil's oil and water routine called "More Oil, More Water". The reason for that: I hate Oil and Water. Trust me, I tried to warm myself up for this kind of effect. To me any oil and water seems like a weak triumph. I am aware that triumph is a different effect, but the main idea (cards righting themselves) remains the same.

The other two effects I left out are "Chromated" and "Chromatose" which just combined "Chromavator" and "Chromatwist" It would have been redundant as hell to include those.

To sum up my short review: Focus is a great book that one needs to study if you are interested in packet tricks. It will probably introduce you to new plots as well. And guess what, once you have gone through the book, you will know so much about false counting cards, that you will not need to learn one more false count in your life. I promise.

Max, thank you very much!

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