Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Backward Card Trick by Jerry Sadowitz

Cards On The Table by Jerry Sadowitz, 1989
published by Martin Breese
Page 20 et seq.

Personal Comment: This is what my girlfriend calls a "mindfuck". It's this good. The structure and the plot makes this trick great. Also the actual method is so darn practical. This is a demonstration piece of well done structuring. Bravo Jerry Sadowitz, Bravo!

Difficulty 3/5


  1. Very practical indeed! Though I think the reactions you are getting are somewhat surprising. I suppose that's what you get a with a magician mind set, the practicality of methods/revelations sometimes 'lessens' the effect. Great trick though.

  2. I've actually had a layman call this effect a mindfuck as well. It hits 'em in a strange place.