Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Ultimate Rip-Off by Paul Harris

Art of Astonishment Vol 1 by Paul Harris Page 113 et seq.
also Close Up Fantasies by Paul Harris Page 3 et seq.

Personal Comment: Uh boy, this is bad. Not as bad as The Torn as Restored Routine by Blake Vogt, but still pretty bad. In Close-Up Fantasies the lead in to this trick is that Paul says that he originally thought this would be a "good stand alone one trick seller", that the basic modus operandi was so freaking new and original that this would justify being sold individually. When reading this it comes across as a gracious gift by him to include this in Close-Up Fantasies. What a load of BS.... it sucks.

If you wanna know a really, really good Torn and Restored trick... Drawing Room Deceptions is your choice. More about that later.

Difficulty 2/5


  1. But... but... it's impromptu!

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  3. I agree with Justin - if you are a true sleight of hand artist, you won't go looking around for torn and restored cards using duplicates or something. With all due respect to Mr. Hollingworth, whose Reformation is truly a brilliant torn and restored effect, I would prefer Re4rm by Blake Vogt. It's a free choice of card, even a business card for that matter, maybe, the card is signed all across the card's face, impromptu and has no angle issues.

  4. Hahaha.

    I was being sarcastic.

    "Real sleight of hand artist."

    Yeah, sure buddy. Only settle for the best, right?