Saturday, 21 May 2011

Thanks To Hofzinser by Jerry Sadowitz

Cards On The Table by Jerry Sadowitz, 1989
published by Martin Breese
Page 37 et seq.

Personal Comment: Sadowitz himself states that he isn't sure if he is the first one to come up with a version of the Everywhere and Nowhere plot structured around the signature and not around the card's identity. I'm not sure either. It seems so obvious, yet is such a great routine. Works from a shuffled deck in use with no preparation at all. What more could you ask for? I can see this as the end to an Ambitious Card routine. And there is even a nice reason to "not" have the spectators card signed. Because it already has a signature and the magician could have made a copy by that point in time. Now the cool thing is that you would eventually end up with a card that is signed on both sides by the spectator. That is a nice give away near the end.

Difficulty 4/5

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