Friday, 10 June 2011

Card Collection by Roberto Giobbi and Jim Surprise

Card College 4 by Roberto Giobbi
Page 1002 et seq.
Page 945 et seq. in the German Edition

Personal Comment: This is the version I've been using in a regular performance. It is straight to the point, practical and fairly easy. I changed the whole selection part of the routine. In the book it tells you to take out the selections one by one from the middle, spinning it out of the deck. Not only do I have trouble doing that, I also think that in terms of structure this kills my personal pacing. I want to show all the selections at the same time. So I added the switch which works fine in the routine and is nicely covered in the action of picking up the kings. This works much better for me and my somewhat chaotic nature as I perform. Almost forgot. I changed the ending too. In the book version the four aces (not kings) are placed on the deck and vanish instantly only to reappear in the middle of the deck having caught the selection. I like the effect that the selections rise to the top, getting trapped by the kings. Again just me.

Difficulty 3/5

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