Monday, 27 June 2011

Remember and Forget by Christoph Borer

Card College 3 by Roberto Giobbi
Page 546 et seq.

Personal Comment: Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser came up with this excellent plot. The technical solution in this version could not be more simple and clever. I love it. But I see a problem with it. This could not be performed anywhere. It needs proper framing. So this is perfect for a Salon type piece. Very much in the same way Hofzinser did. It required the spectator to remember two cards. And as easy as this sound I do recall many situations where my audience couldn't remember one card. Distraction is the key word here. If there are distractions like alcohol, loud noise, peer pressure this trick is not recommended. But otherwise go for it. The method allows for more than two people to participate. Always a good thing.

Difficulty 2/5

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