Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Card on Rope

Personal Comment: I always thought this ungimmicked version of the Card on Rope effect was in Tarbell. Turns out it is not. So do you know the source? Because I think this is a pretty good effect. Btw, this version actually allows for a signed card to be caught by the rope. That would of course require a palm but you got plenty of time to do the actual switch out as the spectator is shuffling the deck. This effect plays strong with regular audiences. And you don't even need a table. The rope could be in the top hat in the beginning, then you take out the rope, display it, toss the rope with the special side over your shoulder and show the top hat. Then reverse the action and put the rope back into the top hat. And then you can have you card picked.

Unlike the gimmicked versions I like the fact that the top hat can be shown empty. All looks pretty clean,

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