Thursday, 23 June 2011

This is a Nice Souvenir by Jim Abrahams

The Lecture That Has Never Happened by Jim Abrahams
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Personal Comment: There is a page in the notes, which is basically just a brain dump on card effects and plots. This is one of them. I took the liberty and turned it into reality. I like it, simply because it really leaves the audience with a nice magical souvenir. The torn of corner, aside from bringing the effect full circle, has the nice psychological effect of causing time misdirection, delaying the perceived moment of any possible switch, making it pretty hard to back track for a lay person. But I realized this will not work in a beginners hand. Simply because the audience will think of trick cards, making the effect pointless. However, if you got the experience and the charisma to convey the fact to the audience that you don't need pathetic trick cards to do your magic, then this is a wonderful piece of magic. The little outline of the effect that was offered in the notes said, that a spectator needs to sign the back. I agree. I had none while filming this, ergo I did it.

Difficulty: 2/5

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  1. Und ich dachte der Trick heißt "The Unrestored Card"! ;)