Friday, 30 September 2011

Finders Keepers by Roy Walton

The Complete Walton Vol 1. by Roy Walton 1981
Page 37 et seq.

Personal Comment: Why, why is some Walton stuff so dry? This is. Sure the technical construction is brilliant. But the structure of how the effect unveils seems unbearable to me. Hopefully in some others hands (besides those of Mr. Walton) this could be good. I fail.

Difficulty 3/5


  1. Your comments kill me brother.

    Roy stated a few times not all of his tricks are or where made to be presented as big peices of card magic.

    The magic world needs to get straight Complete Walton is a collection from many writers, magazines over a vast amount of time. Thus, in picking up the originals you find quickly much of what Roy had to say is missing, or the writers comments on the tricks etc.

    Personally I've never thought Collectors to be a boring plot. And as i was saying I hope most of us can at least agree the method is interesting. Like Marlo, Roy liked to show us all "Say..this is interesting..check it out"

    I suppose what some magicians find dry I find swift.

  2. And I wanted to add it's fairly obvious Finders Keepers was never ment to be a big laymen wower. In my opinion it's more for you and know...for fun.

  3. It just kills me you failed to mention "this is what started it all". 1969 by god. Dissing on the first, of a really great idea, and then adding salt to the inventor in general.


  4. ah shut up, it's my blog, I can do whatever I god damn want to do ;)

  5. Hehe. That's why your one of my favorite people out there.

    I just wanted to set it straight. This started a whole new plot. That's huge (I think).