Monday, 26 September 2011

Three Before by Jed B. Smith

Apocalypse by Harry Lorayne
Volume 17, Number 6 June 1994
Page 2365 et seq.

Personal Comment: I am torn about this. In one way it is great great, as you get the Time Dislocation plot three times, but it also takes away the clarity when it is just one card. In the book it says, that Jed Smith has only one card signed and then goes into the Between Your Palms trick by Alexander Elmsley. Knowing that really puts perspective on this trick here. In fact it is a nice lead in to Elmsley's trick. Or better to Brother John Hamman's The Signed Card. The later one also uses the aces. Jed's trick sets the tone for the impossibility to come. Also... not having all the cards signed is a great way to arouse some fake suspicion and leads to false solutions. Enough to lead them down the garden path, and then to turn on the sprinklers. Seeing it from that perspective I like it. As a stand alone trick it has not as much of an impact as one would assume.

Difficulty 3/5

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