Thursday, 22 September 2011

Un-Sandwiched! by Tom Daugherty

Apocalypse by Harry Lorayne
Volume 16, Number 10 October 1993
Page 2274 et seq.

Personal Comment: I like the plot. The card vanishing from a sandwich. A prisoner on the run. A crime he didn't commit. I like that. In fact this would be great with a signed card. That makes it special and personal. Suddenly it is part of the spectator that is trying to escape. In a weird way it would give the cards way more character than they have. Personally I would change the ending. This whole second selection bit makes no sense. The card wants to escape. So any impossible location would naturally fit into the scenario. Card to wallet/box/pocket all of those are great. So I am divided on this trick as it is presented. I like it, but only because it sparks off so many greater ideas, that sadly aren't offered in the first place.

Difficulty 2/5

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