Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Jay Bee Transposition by Roy Walton

The Complete Walton Vol 1. by Roy Walton 1981
Page 20

Personal Comment: It all revolves around the ability to do one sleight very well. If you can do it, this is nearly perfect. If you cannot, this looks awful (like my version). But here is the thing that bothers me. The spectator is made to work (opposed to Ortiz law: The spectator must never be made to work) and that would kill my pacing in a realistic setting. Giving the spectator time to shuffle the deck, count through cards, remember position and card and not messing up along the way while I am turned away is too risky for my personal taste. I like to be in control all the time. A slighty better effect would be: Joker goes to the pocket, the spectator picks a card and remembers it. The spectators card is put face down on the table. Then the magician removes the card from his pocket and it turns out to be the selection. The tabled face down card is turned face up and revealed to to be the Joker. Method: Two palms and just one Second.

Difficulty 4/5

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