Saturday, 2 April 2011

Oil and Queens by Roy Walton

The Complete Walton Vol 1. by Roy Walton 1981
Page 6 et seq.

Personal Comment: Actually this is a good trick for magicians. This surprise ending, which also works for laypeople is actually a lot better for magicians. How do I know, for the last few days I tried it. And it got a "soso"-reaction by normal people. Magicians seem to get something out of this. Oh well!

Difficulty 3/5

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  1. The most important note I think is that it was a start of something new. First that comes to mind is Ortiz saying most Oil and Waters aren't all that interesting. Dingle's Oil Vinegar being an exception.

    Dingle rightly states it's not really "his". It's Walton's. Just seems proper to realize this has been the base of many routines that became modern classics.