Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mission Accomplished by Roy Walton

The Complete Walton Vol 1. by Roy Walton 1981
Page 9 et seq.

Personal Comment: The is a time and a place for everything. Even for this trick. If bold methods are your thing, go for it. Otherwise... there are better version out there.

Difficulty 2/5


  1. Miguel Angel Gea has a killer one on one of the Fat Brothers dvds.

  2. We are going to be disagreeing a ton here! Hehe.

    This is the most logical and truest form of sandwich from end to end to center.

    Bold? No matter what people say about the classic pass the turnover pass should be invisible (love ya bro, but you could park a semi-truck in that split). Might just be the angle.

    To each their own. I've had many a talk about efficiency and have used this routine as a fine example.