Friday, 15 April 2011

Super Scam by Terry LaGerould

Apocalypse by Harry Lorayne
Volume 6, Number 2 February 1983
Page 742 et seq.

Personal Comment: Not really magic, but certainly a trick. This is a great "after the show" trick to do. If people ask you how you developed your skill and dexterity... You could mention that "skill and dexterity are important, but remembering all the cards in a deck is equally important. Here, let me show you something that I do when I am riding a train" Again this is not a magic effect, as no magic happens, but it is as the title suggests a scam. And a good one. I like it.

Difficulty 1/5

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  1. Check out Pseudometry by Lagerould. It's in vol. 2 of Apocalypse. One of the best memory demonstrations with a deck of cards I've ever encountered.