Friday, 29 April 2011

The Magic Six by Ron Ferris

Apocalypse by Harry Lorayne
Volume 6, Number 12 December 1983
Page 856 et seq.

Personal Comment: In a way those type of tricks can be entertaining. Most often they are not. So is this. Pretty forgettable in a way. Jon Racherbaumer would probably call it a glorified revelation of a selection. And I would agree. The sad thing: I see routines like this all the time. It usually goes like this: A card is selected and lost. Then a whole array of magic is done not involving the card and a lot of time passes where both the card and the importance of the card could be forgotten. The end is always the same. The impact of the revelation is lessened by the preceding magic. It's easy though.

Difficulty 1/5

EDIT: Big lol! I rewatched the video having forgotten all about it. I was kind of expecting the six to have a different color in the end. Then it turned out to be the king. I was like "What?"... I had to skip back to realize that I actually had a selection involved in this. Just proves my point about it being forgettable and the revelation coming way to late in the routine.

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