Monday, 4 July 2011

Coalaces by Roberto Giobbi

Card College 5 by Roberto Giobbi
Page 1178 et seq.

Personal Comment: This is one of those effects that really register on the emotional level. Four cards turning into one. That is cool! The only cooler thing is the exact opposite. Now think about it. If you are going to end the effect where the video and the book ends, you really miss out on a great opportunity to do great magic. Here is my little addition to that. After having a card selected and the four aces turned into the selection, reverse the process: Put the selection face down on the table... but when you turn it face up it is the four aces again. It really hits people in a strange place. Then you can produce the selection form any place you want to. If all of that is put together it gives it a nice feeling of a whole routine. I think I read something like this somewhere... it's ringing a bell.

Difficulty 4/5

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