Saturday, 9 July 2011

More Cannibals by Lynn Searles

Pallbearers Review by Karl Fulves
Autumn 1973 The Lynn Searles Issue
Page 673 et seq.

Personal Comment: This is certainly no "Cannibal" routine despite the title. This is more a "Visitors" plot. But its a good trick. Easy to do and rather deceptive. Even if you don't do that routine, if you ever need to make a card vanish from a sandwich this is one good way to do it.

Difficulty 2/5

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  1. This was one of the first tricks I ever learned. It was in Mark Wilson's cyclopedia, but it went uncredited. Glad I finally know who to thank. It's a wonderful trick.

    Incidentally, the spread to prove it's gone is unnecessary and slows up the trick. It plays much better to just cut or pass the cards after the vanish and reveal the sandwich.