Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Fogel's Triple Prediction by Maurice Fogel

Mastering the Art of Magic by Eugene Burger 2000
Page 148 et seq.

Personal Comment: I am sorry to give you such a bad video. I was a bit absent minded when I did that. But you get the main idea. It's a really good effect. Even though it's self working. The reverse counting is needed, but Eugene Burger has a nice way to include this drawback into the routine making an extra effect of it. Also Eugen Burger actually misses on the last card (he get's the color wrong) making this effect that much more "mental". I like that. Mentalism is certainly not my cup of tea in terms of doing it. But I love every single approach to make magic much more mysterious by wrapping it into the cloth of mentalism.

Difficulty: Self Working

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