Monday, 11 July 2011

Reset at its Best by Randy Wakeman

Apocalypse by Harry Lorayne
Volume 12, Number 4 April 1989
Page 1624 et seq.

Personal Comment: If you are working seated this is not to pass. Seriously a good version of Reset... if you wanna fool magicians. This is clearly designed for that purpose. Harry Lorayne claims that he has done it for real people, getting one "heck" of a reaction. I seriously doubt that. Because I actually did it for real people. What bothered them was that I didn't show that the tabled packet really consists of the aces before the "reset". It made the whole routine feel uneasy. For magicians, I'd say... go for it. However for laypeople I would go for Set-Reset Plus by Roberto Giobbi In that version you could actually turn over the top card of the tabled packet prior to the "reset" to show (not prove) that the cards really have transposed.

Difficulty 3/5

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