Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Gemini Twins by Karl Fulves

More Self-Working Card Tricks by Karl Fulves, 1984
Page 1 et seq.

Personal Comment: I got the credits now! Thank you Justin. In the original description the spectator does all the dealing which I think is really, really strong. But why not do it twice? First the magician does it, therefore drawing suspicion and then the spectator is invited to do it in a completely hands off approach. That would clearly be a dramatical punch.

Original Post: The book Magic for Dummies by David Pogue contains this little trick. But I do not know who originated this self working miracle. It is one of those tricks that is beautiful in it's construction. There is no counting and no sleight. Yet it is extremely deceptive. This trick is part of my personal coma repertoire. When I am really drunk and pressured to do magic, this is the trick of choice. There is hardly a way to mess it up and its effect is easy to understand. In the end as the mates are displayed next to their "significant other" you will understand that this trick is easy to understand even when you are hammered.

Difficulty: Self Working


  1. Fulves' Gemini Twins

    Like you, this is my go-to drunk trick. So simple it cannot be forgotten. One of the best self-working effects ever invented.

  2. No problem. David Regal had an interesting suggestion for this trick--a blank deck kicker. While not my style, I'm sure a lot of people would find that a nice ending.