Sunday, 30 January 2011

Set-Reset Plus by Roberto Giobbi

Card College 3 by Roberto Giobbi
page 616 et seq.

Personal Comment: Paul Harris' effect Set-Reset has been through a lot of trouble. The inherent flaw in structure and method. The later has been worked on many, many times. This version by Roberto Giobbi is a synthesis of Paul Harris, Bernard Bilis and Richard Vollmer. I like it. I added the presentational layer, which I think has been done before. But it solves the inherent dramatic flaw well I think. Or to say it in as few words as possible: Works for me!
The original description includes a flourishy type of colour changes that I am simply unable to do. I don't have the dry hands required for the "snap action" as it is written up. Couldn't include so, I went for a more traditional type of colour change near the end.

Difficulty 3/5

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